How To Win Every Solo Games in PUBG Mobile

If you are a PUBG fan then you know that you can play solo or with a team which can help you win the game. Playing with a team comes with a lot of advantages and you can stay alive for longer.

Playing solo is fun because you have to use your skill, strategy and critical thinking to win the game.

So if you want to win solo matches in PUBG Mobile, here are some tips and tricks to help you win

How To Win Every Solo Games in PUBG Mobile
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1. Early Game Strategies

Once you lands, in PUBG solo match try to set strong foundation for survival and eventual victory. Here’s how you can optimize your early game strategies:

Landing Spots

It’s important to choose a landing site on the outskirts of the main towns.

This will minimise early encounters and allow you to prepare for later stages.

Locations such as the school offer a high concentration of loot and are usually within the play zone, reducing the need to travel long distances.

If you are just playing for the rankings or want to play more aggressively, locations such as Pochinki City offer a very high loot concentration and are often within the play zone, although they have a higher player traffic.

Searching for Weapons and Gear

Your next task is to searching for weapons and gear efficiently.

You should aim for medium to long-range weapons – an assault weapon in the first slot and a rifle in the second, with a pistol as a backup.

Also, try to avoid vehicles as they attract attention.

Your approach should be to loot quickly and thoroughly, prioritising areas known for high-value loot such as the Military Base or Novorepnoye for their abundant resources and strategic cover.

PUBG Sanhok
Taking cover to be safe in pubg mobile

2. Mid-Game Tactics

Mid-game in PUBG mobile is all about strategic movement and decision making. Here is the strategy you can apply here:

Avoiding Vehicles

While vehicles can be a quick means of transport, they can also attract unwanted attention.

It’s best to avoid cars as they can make you an easy target for enemies, especially snipers.

Always stay within the zone on foot, using the landscape and available cover to move stealthily.

Choosing Fights Wisely

When you are in middle of the game then try not to engage with every player you spot. It will not draw attention of other players to you and you can safely move forward.

This tactic not only conserves your resources but also keeps you under the radar longer.

Using Cover and Avoiding Open Areas

Always use the environment to your advantage.

Avoid running through open fields unless absolutely necessary, and always have a plan for quick cover.

You can use building, rooms, trees, and terrains to shield yourself from enemy fire.

If you are being attacked, try to find out which direction the fire is coming from.

Use smoke grenades for additional cover when retreating or resurrecting teammates.

3. Endgame Techniques

In the final circles of PUBG Mobile, mastering the techniques is crucial for securing that pubg solo win. Here’s how we can enhance our chances:

Positioning for the final circles

You should get to a position early, such as a building, rock, or ridge that offers a clear view and good cover.

Staying in the safe zone will prevent you from becoming an easy target and it will force enemies to move towards you, allowing you to stay covered and kill them when you get the chance.

Using grenades and smokes

Grenades are invaluable in the endgame. Smoke grenades provide cover for reviving teammates or crossing open areas and we can use them to create diversions, confusing enemies about your position.

Stun grenades, on the other hand, are perfect for temporarily incapacitating enemies, especially when storming buildings or interrupting enemy healing.

Managing stress and staying composed

Maintaining composure is key to everything and we should avoid panicking, stay focused, and make calculated decisions.

Keeping energy drinks and painkillers handy ensures we’re always ready for action.

If the circle ends in urban areas such as Rozhok or Pochinki, securing a higher vantage point, such as a house with a terrace, can provide significant advantages in spotting and engaging enemies.

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Special Bonus Tips for Solo Play

To excel at solo play in PUBG, focusing on specific skills and strategies can significantly improve your performance. Here are some specialised tips, grouped into key areas:

Practice and Refine Shooting Skills

  1. Regular Practice: Spend ample time in training mode to hone your aim and get accustomed to various weapons.
  2. Adjust Sensitivity Settings: You should find the best setting for your mouse or controller that allows for precise aiming.
  3. Understand Recoil Patterns: Each weapon has unique recoil. Practice firing in short bursts to master control.
  4. Aim for Headshots: Prioritize headshots in gunfights for quicker enemy elimination.
  5. Experiment with Attachments: Use different scopes, grips, and compensators to find what enhances your weapon’s performance the best.
  6. Recoil Control with Scopes: Practice controlling recoil with mid-range scopes, like 4x on 5.56 ARs, and use single fire mode for long-range engagements.

Maximize Usage of Sound Cues and make your strength

  1. Use Quality Headphones: Invest in a good pair of headphones to clearly distinguish the direction and distance of footsteps and other crucial sounds.
  2. Optimize Audio Settings: Adjust your in-game settings to prioritize important sounds like footsteps, reducing music and effects volume.
  3. Practice Listening: The more you play, the better you’ll become at recognizing and reacting to audio cues in the game.

Learn from Each Match

  1. Analyze Your Gameplay: After each match, review your performance to identify what you did well and areas for improvement.
  2. Watch Pro Players: Learn from the tactics and strategies of top PUBG players by watching their gameplay.
  3. Stay Calm Under Pressure: Develop techniques to maintain composure during intense gunfights, which can significantly impact your decision-making.

Hope these tips will help you to Win Every Solo Games in PUBG Mobile, keep playing and improve your overall coordination .