5 Ways To Survive Final Circle In PUBG Mobile

If you are new to PUBG Mobile, you should definitely be reading our master guide on how to survive the final circle in PUBG Mobile and get chicken dinner!

These tricks are very simple but difficult to master! In this master guide we would teach you 5 common strategies that only PUBG trick for Pro players to use!

PUBG Trick final circle
5 Ways To Survive Final Circle In PUBG Mobile 2

Get good headphones. Sound is your best friend!

Pay attention to footsteps of enemies , any gunshots or vehicle noises to locate enemies. Sound cues give you valuable information, helping you anticipate enemy movements and react quickly. Remember to stay alert and use sound for a tactical edge over your opponents.

Choose a safe strategic spot

You have to avoid open areas where you can be an easy target. What I would suggest is to take cover behind rocks, trees, or buildings. Hug the edge of the safe zone to minimize exposing yourself and to spot enemies more easily.

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Dont stay at one place

Don’t stay in one spot too long, as it makes you an easy target for snipers. Keep moving to stay unpredictable and harder to track.

Use throwables

I would suggest to throw flammables or gas grenades on different directions or random ones to confuse enemies. Mastering these tactical grenades can turn the battle in your favor.

Store Health Resources

In final circle moment, you should have plenty of first aids to heal yourself in case we have snipers left in the final circle! I would say that this is the best PUBG Trick for the final circle.

Final words for this final circle in PUBG Mobile

I would reiterate on above said points but one last thing , as a bonus I would say that stay focused! because there can be many campers sitting/ hiding in good spots!