Upgrade to the Latest – Top 3 AI Smartphones to Buy in 2024

After the launch of OpenAI’s all-new Artificial Intelligence chatbot, we have seen a lot of improvement and the broader use of AI in many places, including the smartphone! Whether improving your productivity, improving your security, or even improving the camera features, today’s AI is playing a crucial role and has become a new, unique selling smartphone for all smartphone makers worldwide.

Fast forward to July 2024; today, we have numerous AI smartphones that you can buy in 2024! So, if you have been looking to upgrade to a new smartphone for this year, going with an AI Smartphone is the right choice for you. Let’s look at the list of the best AI Smartphones you can buy in 2024 without any further ado.

Best AI SmartPhones to Buy in 2024

As AI has been becoming the next biggest in the world of smartphones, here we have got you covered with some of the best phones powered with AI or artificial intelligence, which you can buy in 2024.

1. Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra – The Overall Campion in the list!

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Image Credits: Samsung

If you are a camera savy who loves holding a big bulky phone in your hand, then yes, going with this all-new Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is the choice for you thanks to the launch of the new Galaxy AI, which has brought all new capabilities on,e of this best AI Smatphones to buy in 2024. Let’s first look into the specs and give a slow transition to the AI features you will be seeing.

1.1. Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra – Specification and Features

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra - Specification and Features
Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra – Specification and Features Image Credits: Samsung

The overall champion in this list Best AI Smartphones comes with some fantastic specs on paper. Starting with the display, here you get a wider spread 6.8-inch display out of the box, an AMOLED panel where you get 120Hz of faster refresh rate, and the protection of Gorilla Glass Armos.

Moving inside, you will get the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 power, where you get the flagship performance out of the box. Be it from processing to battery efficiency, the new snapdragon has seen a massive improvement as compared to the previous flagship chipset, and there is a cherry on the top here: you get the support for some of the latest gaming features like ray tracing for hyper-realistic shadows and reflections.

Moving on from the chipset, you get faster RAM and storage, 12GB of the quickest and latest RAM, and 256GB of internal storage.

Now, moving on to the features for the tech-savvy lovers! Here, you get the amazing 200MP rear camera sensor, which is again combined with a 12MP ultra-wide angle sensor, a 50MP telephoto sensor, and a 10MP depth sensor. And if we move to the front side, you get a 12MP selfie shooter, too.

Moving on to the additional features, you will be getting the protection of the latest IP68 water and dust resistance, and on the battery side, you get a bigger 5000 mAh battery, which also receives support for faster-wired charging.

Regarding the pricing side, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra’s pricing is Rs. 1,29,999, where you get 12GB of RAM combined with 256GB of internal storage. If you are looking for more storage, go with 512GB of internal storage and 1TB of internal storage.

1.2. What are the AI features you get with Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra?

What are the AI features you get with Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra?
What are the AI features you get with Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra? Image Credits: Samsung

Suppose you are thinking about AI features. In that case, Samsung has introduced its new AI capabilities with all-new Galaxy AI, which unlocks the best AI Smartphones to provide an additional layer of productivity that is out of the box.

What are the features you get here? Starting with the In-ear translations! If you travel quite often, this feature will be handy for you!

Regarding the feature, you can access live translations to hear the translated audio through your Galaxy buds connected to your Galaxy device, like Galaxy S24 Ultra.

1.1.1. Circle to Search Feature

Circle-to-search features make searching for anything for the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra smartphone possible. All you need to do is circle over an object, after which, with the help of AI features, the smartphone will search for results about the circled object.

1.1.2. New Photo Editing Improvement

Samsung Galaxy AI embedded in the Galaxy S25 Ultra also improves the editing capabilities, where you can edit shadows and reflections, change the position of objects, and even remove them from the phone.

1.1.3. Magic Compose Feature

You can use the Magic Compose feature, where you can type in messages with generative AI assistance, and even use the Photomoji, which gives access to more customized-based emojis.

1.1.4. Camera Capabilities

Besides editing, Galaxy AI also helps improve the overall camera capabilities. The new Galaxy AI’s Intalt Slow Mo feature helps take some amazing slow-motion shots from your Galaxy S24 Ultra smartphone.

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2. Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max – Best Option for iOS Lovers!

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max - Best Option for iOS Lovers!
Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max – Best Option for iOS Lovers!
Image Credits: Apple

If you are someone who has been looking for an alternative to the Android phone, then yes, the iPhone is the way to go, or even if you are someone who is looking to upgrade to a new iPhone flagship model, then yes, Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max is the right choice for you to go with.

Thanks to the WWDC 2024 event, we got to see the launch of the new iOS 18, and guess what? This time, Apple has packed a lot of AI features with its iOS 18, which has already been pushed to a flagship smartphone like the iPhone 15 Pro Max smartphone.

2.1 Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max – Specs and Features 

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max - Specs and Features 
Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max – Specs and Features  Image Credits: Apple

Talking about the specs first, the Smartphone comes with a widely spread beautiful 6.70-inch display on the front, which is the all-new Super Retina XDR display and an OLED panel.

Moving inside, you get the power of the all-new Apple A17 Pro chipset, a newly developed 6-core processor that is more than enough to run through all the simple to complex AI tasks! The newly developed processor offers a fantastic combination of the best performance, keeping battery efficiency as the utmost priority, too.

And if we got the camera side! Unlike the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, Apple has gone with a 48MP primary camera sensor that uses pixel-bidding technology to create fantastic, stunning shots out of the box.

The primary sensor is again combined with a 12MP ultrawide angle sensor, and you also get a 12MP 2x Telephoto sensor out of the box that offers more depth to your photo shoots.

The Smartphone also shines with its all-new Titnanum body, which gives the Smartphone a premium look, and of course, you get a Duo houses camera offering the Dolby Digital sound effect and also water and dust resistance of IP68 sealing out the box.

If you want to stick to Apple products, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is the right choice. Especially with its amazing blend of specs and AI features, it acts as a new cherry on top. However, it’s worth noting that the Cupertino giant is already gearing up for the launch of their next flagship, the iPhone 16 series.

Well, the pricing for Apple iphones is quite premium! So, the price starts form Rs. 1,48,900 via Amazon.

2.2. What are the AI feature you get with Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max?

What are the AI feature you get with Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max?
What are the AI feature you get with Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max?
Image Credits: Apple

It’s not the smartphone that comes with AI features, but it’s an all-new iOS 18 software update that will give this flagship new AI capabilities. Let’s rewind to the features and new AI capabilities announced by Apple back in WWDC 2024 for iOS 18.

Apple introduced Apple intelligence for their flagship products, and thanks to generative AI for making this possible!

2.1.1. Text Summarizer and Writing Tool

The first and foremost AI feature introduced was the new AI-based Text Summarizer feature, where you get access to fantastic writing tools that can be used for summarizing a long text too small to understand a complete context.

This new AI-based text summarizer is embedded into the Mail, Notes, and Pages and can be used on third-party applications, including MS Word.

There is also a dedicated writing tool where, with the help of Generative AI, the users can create new contexts for any occasion.

2.1.2. Image Playground application

Apple has also introduced Image Playground applications, which can generate AI-based images that prompt.

Image Playground is integrated within the messaging app, Notes, and another app, so you don’t have to open the application and type the prompt on the keyboard. It can get you access to AI-based animation, illustration, or sketch.

2.1.3. Integration of AI to Siri

If you are an Apple user, you must also use their Siri voice assistant, and guess what! Siri has made a new change, and Apple has introduced AI features to Siri, giving the assistant more knowledge and answers to your many questions.

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3. Google Pixel 8 Pro – Best AI Smartphones for the Price!

Google Pixel 8 Pro - Best AI Smartphones for the Price!
Google Pixel 8 Pro – Best AI Smartphones for the Price! Image Credits: PhoneAreana

The third contender in our list best AI smartphones is again a new Android phone, the Google Pixel 8 Pro, and in fact, this phone is the right choice for all of you who love photohrtagpy, have savvy tech, and love to get a taste of the latest software upgrades and updates.

The Google-owned Pixel lineup got a new flagship, the Pixel 8 Pro. Although the specs of this smartphone don’t compete well with the smartphone list of the top two positions, specs are something for which you should underestimate Google’s Pixel 8 Pro smartphone.

Google’s software level enhancement with their Pixel smartphone is just next level. The smartphone has now become one of the best camera-centric phones you can buy today, and thanks to Google’s all-new Android 15 features, you also get AI capabilities out of the box.

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3.1. Google Pixel 8 Pro – Specification and Features

Google Pixel 8 Pro - Specification and Features
Google Pixel 8 Pro – Specification and Features Image Credits: Tom’s Guide

Moving to the specs, here you get a 6.70 AMOLED LTPO panel on the front, which comes with a faster refresh rate of 120Hz out of the box and protection of corning gorilla glass.

The flagship is powered by a new 4nm processed Google’s Tensor G3 Sensor, which comes with amazing Cortex nano core chips that offer the best battery efficiency compared to predecessor models.

On the RAM and storage side, you get a faster and latest LPPDR5X RAM of up to 12GB combined with the latest 3.1 storage.

On the camera side, Google has gone with a spec bump here. Now you get the power of a 50MP primary sensor, combined with a 48MP telephoto sensor and a 48MP Ultrawide angle sensor, so when it comes to taking mind-blowing shots, Pixel 8 Pro will never be disappointing!

The battery is also bigger, and Google has gone with a 5050 mAh battery, which is more than enough to last a long day. On the design side, you won’t get the titanium framing here, but Google still has managed to give its flagship a premium finish by providing an aluminum finish to the smartphone.

You can buy the Google Pixel 8 Pro for a starting price of Rs. 98,999 making it the cheapest phone in the list.

3.2. What are the AI features you get with Google Pixel 8 Pro?

What are the AI features you get with Google Pixel 8 Pro?
What are the AI features you get with Google Pixel 8 Pro? Image Credits: Medium

When it comes to AI features! Thanks to the launch of the all-new Android 15, which brings next-level features, including all new AI features, to the smartphone, Pixel users will get the chance to taste the latest AI features out of the Android operating system. Let’s look at the AI features you will be getting here.

As of now, Google is working on the launch of the Beta version of the Android 15, which is first making its way to the Pixel phones, and the stable update is yet to be released.

3.2.1. AI-based Emoji Creation Tool.

As of now, with the latest beta release, Pixel users have reported getting access to the Emoji Creation tool through which you can create your personalized emoji with just writing prompts.

3.2.2. AR content access across Google Maps

Although it’s unrelated to AI, Google has announced the use of AR models on their much-used Google Maps, which will help find the right directions on new streets.

As of now, the final update for Google Android 15 is yet to be launched! So we get the final launch, we will be updating you with more AI features! But bet on us; Google will bring some new AI revolution with their latest OS upgrade.

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In Conclusion – Which is the Best AI Smartphones in 2024?

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is the real champ in this list of Best AI Smartphones!, from the camera specs to more enhanced AI features, even if we see how Android can be used universally without the new dedicated ecosystem!

However, the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max can be an excellent choice for those still wanting to stick to the so-called Apple ecosystem and are ready to pay a premium price, but yes, just a reminder! iPhone 16’s launch is already up for September, so if you can wait, you can!

Finally, the Google Pixel 8 Pro can be an excellent choice for overall usage, from a little bit of gaming to watching movies.

If you are enthusiastic about photography, the Pixel 8 Pro does an excellent job. You also get this phone far cheaper than the other two, so yes, if you have a lesser budget and are looking for a great phone, the Pixel 8 Pro is worth buying, but yes, you will have to until the final Android 15 update is released.