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List of the Best Google Android 15 Features We will Get to see

In 2024, Google plans to launch its all-new operating system, Android 15. The launch of the all-new Google Android 15 is nearing day by day, and we have Google scheduling its most significant event of the year, Google I/O) 2024 this year. 

Google I/O 2024 is one of Google’s most important social events, usually held every year in May. This year, we have some new speculation about the all-new Android 15, combined with the latest hardware updates to the Pixel phones, including the launch of the all-new Pixel 9 series.

We have been looking forward to the start of the all new Google I/O event. Just before the launch, we have brought you the latest leaks on what we can expect with the upcoming new Android 15, which will make its way to this Google I/O event.

What Are The Features We Can Expect From Android 15

As we all have been looking for an all-new Android 15, right before Google sends the stable update, the Silicon Valley-based giant usually sends beta updates first, after which we typically see a stable update making its way to launch.

With the beta launches, we already have a sneak peek into the Android 15 updates, and as Google has been planning for stable updates shortly, we have some new latest leaks about the Google Android 15 features we will get to see. 

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Private Safe Feature – Offering exceptional security to data 

Private Safe Feature - Offering exceptional security to data 
Offering exceptional security to data  Image Credits: The Verge

This year, Google will focus more on security. We have the new Private Safe feature, which will offer more security features, and Google will be going with encryption and decryption of the data.

You will also get the feature to hide and lock sensitive apps, offering an extra layer of authentication and security. 

Satellite connectivity support

Satellite connectivity support
Satellite connectivity support Image Credits: Tech Viral

After Apple, we even have Google, which has announced support for satellite connectivity support.  The latest leak shares are similar to those of Apple. We will also see Android 15 getting support for satellite connectivity, where the support may be extended to the SMS app.

Just like Apple, we will not see Google limiting the satellite connectivity feature to only SMS, but in fact, Google may also include the feature for “Satellite calling”.

Anti Theft Protection 

As we already said, Google has focused more on offering security-related features with its new operating system. When we have Private Safe on the list, another safety feature Google will be introducing is the Theft Detection Lock feature, where Google will use Artificial Intelligence to detect if the phone has been snatched at a certain speed so that the phone can lock itself.

So, it’s an auto-lock feature that gives the users the confidence that the data inside the phone cannot be accessed in case of theft. Also, Android 15 will note the failed authentication made and how long the phone has stayed off the grid so that the necessary precautions can be taken to avoid data theft. 

New Camera Controls 

New Camera Controls 
New Camera Controls  Image Credits: Android Authority

Google will be making some changes to its default camera application, and now Google is going ahead and making changes to the camera application. This time, the focus is on offering further support for the camera software, which will also support the new camera hardware. 

As per the latest reports, we have leaks sharing that a new camera application will come with additional features, including low-light enhancements. Also, you will get the option to boost the camera’s brightness.

Sensitive Notification 

Google Android 15 is bringing another new option to offer an extra layer of protection for sensitive messages. However, per the latest reports, we have leaks suggesting that Google will use the two-factor authentication 2FA features.

With the help of the basic 2FA model, you can send the OTP via texts or emails to access the sensitive notification feature out of the box.

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Health Connect Feature 

Android 15 will be coming with a dedicated Health Connect feature out of the box, where now, with the all-new Android 15 update, we will get to see the Health Connect feature out of the box, where now you can try some new features like fitness, nutrition, and more. Beta 2 adds skin temperature and training plans as additional data types.

Network Privacy Support

Google is also going the extra mile with Android 15, supporting network privacy out of the box. Network privacy is about sharing the network’s name over the Wi-Fi Network. Toggling off and sending the device name will offer the box an extra layer of security. 

Dedicated AI-based Assistant 

Dedicated AI-based Assistant 
Dedicated AI-based Assistant  Image Credits: Daily News Egypt

Google is reportedly going to relaunch the Assistant, and we will now see Google replace the Assistant with a new Gemini-based AI assistant that is out of the box. 

Yes, you read it right! Gemini will replace Google, where you can get answers to more contextual items.

That’s all we know about the latest Android 15 features, which we will see in the future. However, we will see more new features as more stable updates for the Android 15 are revealed officially. 

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Which Smartphone will get Android 15 Support out of the box?

Talking about which smartphones will be getting to see the all-new Android 15 out of the box, as per the latest news reports, it’s been speculated many of the newest flagship smartphones, including the all-new Pixel phones, will be getting support for all-new Android 15 features.

For your reference, here is the list of the smartphones that will be getting support for all new Android 15 operating systems out of the box.

GooglePixel 6 Series
Pixel 7 Series
Pixel 8 Series
Pixel 9 Series
OnePlusOnePlus 12
OnePlus Open
VivoVivo X100
NothingNothing Phone 2a
OppoOppo Find N3
RealmeRealme 12 Pro+ 5G
XiaomiXiaomi 14
Xiaomi 13T Pro

Comparison : Android 14 vs Android 15

FeatureAndroid 14Android 15
Private SafeNot availableOffers encryption, data decryption, and secure app locking
Satellite ConnectivityNot availableSupports satellite connectivity for SMS and calls
Anti-Theft ProtectionBasic features like Find My DeviceAI-powered Theft Detection Lock with auto-lock and logging
Camera ControlsStandard camera appEnhanced low-light features, adjustable brightness, and support for new hardware
Sensitive NotificationsStandard notificationsTwo-factor authentication (2FA) for sensitive notifications
Health ConnectBasic health tracking appsIntegrated Health Connect with additional data types like skin temperature and training plans
AI AssistantGoogle AssistantGemini-based AI assistant with contextual responses
Network PrivacyStandard network settingsNetwork privacy support to hide device name on Wi-Fi
UI/UX ImprovementsStandard improvementsEnhanced user interface with more customization options
Performance EnhancementsStandard updatesOptimized performance and faster app launch times
Battery LifeStandard optimizationImproved battery management with adaptive battery features
Security UpdatesRegular updatesEnhanced security features and more frequent updates


In conclusion, the new Google Android 15 is going to be a real gem out of the box among all the Android 15 versions launched during these times. With Google’s increased focus on security, it will give tough competition to the likes of Apple’s iOS operating system, which is better known for its efficient, seamless and protective out-of-the-box security features.

What do you think of the new Google Android 15? Will it be able to compete with Apple’s leading iOS? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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