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Best Smart Ring to Buy in 2024

In a world where technology continues to grow daily, our lives are better at tracking health details every day. Things started with intelligent fitness trackers and moved to new smartwatches, which help track health status every day, anytime, and anywhere. With the development of IoT, tracking health details has become as easy as you can access it through your smartphone!

That was about smartwatches, but now, as we move forward, the size of fitness trackers has shrunk even further, and this is where we see the smart ring coming in. And with many of the best smart rings on their way to launch, let’s take a look at other best smart rings for 2024.

Best Smart Ring to Buy in 2024

The year 2024 is all about smart ring trackers, where you can now track all your health details on the tip of your finger, and guess what?

Right now we already have some of the best-selling smart rings that will be outstanding in 2024, so if you’re someone who’s into smart health tech and looking for a new upgrade, we’ve got you covered with the best of the best smart rings you can buy in 2024.

#1 Oura Ring Gen 3 – Best All-Rounders Smart Ring

Oura Ring Gen 3 - Best All-Rounders Smart Ring Especially for USA-Based Consumers 
Oura Ring Image Credits: Oura

Oura has been among the best health tracker makers for quite a while! We have their all-new Oura Ring Gen 3 Smart Ring, which has been selling well for the past few months after the launch. 

Starting with the features, this new Oura Ring Gen 3 Smart Ring comes with some of the best health features, including tracking critical health metrics, including 24/7 heart rate, temperature and more!

The new Smart Ring can also track and manage your sleep schedule and energy levels. You also get health features such as a blood oxygen level tracker. You can also connect the Smart Ring to the Oura application on your smartphone to track details.

The smart ring is made from a lightweight titanium mould and offers a total battery life of up to 4 to 7 days.A full charge takes between 20 and 80 minutes.

Regarding pricing, you get to choose between Heritage and Horizon styling. Heritage is a base model, starting at $299, whereas Horizon pricing starts at $349. 

Depending on the style and finish you opt for, the pricing changes. For better reference, you can check the pricing details on the official Oura Website. The smart ring cannot be bought in India as it’s available in the US market.

Considering the specifications and pricing, this new Oura Smart ring stands at the top of the list for being among the best smart rings in our list.

Price: $299 to $349

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#2 Ultrahuman Ring Air – Real Steal Deal for Indian-Based Consumers

Ultrahuman Ring Air - Real Steal Deal for Indian-Based Consumers
Ultrahuman Ring Air – Best Smart Ring for a Steal Deal? Image Credits: UltraHuman Ring

The next one on the list is the all-new Ultrahuman Ring Air, which makes its way to second place. This makes good news for Indian consumers, too, as they can buy the ring via the official Amazon India website.

If you are looking to buy a smart ring within the Indian markets, then the Ultrahuman Ring Air is an excellent choice for you. This new smart ring takes an edge with its light and comfortable design, weighing around 2.4g to 3.6g.

The best thing about this ring is that it comes with some excellent features, including a range of sensors and trackers that can help track important health features such as heart rate, movement, sleep, skin temperature and more, which gives it a close run for its money against the Oura Ring. You also get a dedicated workout mode that helps track your health activities during your workout.

Price: Rs. 28,499

#3 Evie Smart Ring – Best Gift for your loved one!

Evie Smart Ring - Best Gift for your loved one!
Evie Smart Ring – Best Smart Ring to gift your loved one? Image Credits: Tom’s Guide

If you have been looking for a new smart ring and gift it to your loved one, this new Evie Smart Ring is the right choice!

The Evie Smart Ring is one of the best smart rings to give as a gift. It is specially designed for women and has functions like a pulse oximeter. The ring has all the precise health features to track women’s health needs.

The best USP of this new smart ring is that it comes with a dedicated ‘mood prediction’ feature, which is supported and analysed with the help of AI, and with this data, the smart ring will be able to track menstrual cycle, activity, sleep tracker, SPO2, skin temperature and many more features.

You can choose between color options: Silver, Rose Gold, and Gold. On the battery side, the smart ring offers an overall battery life of 4 days. Regarding the pricing, the new Evie Smart Ring is selling for a price tag of $269. You can buy it through their official Evie website.

If you are looking for the right gift for your loved one, this new Evie Ring will take the stage as the best smart ring to gift your loved one.

Price: $269

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#4 Boat Smart Ring – Best Budget Buy 

Boat Smart Ring - Best Budget Buy 
Boat Smart Ring – Best Budget Buy – Best Smart Ring for affordable pricing? Image Credits: Mashable India

Bringing the smart ring to an affordable price! The new Boat Smart Ring, called Boat Smart Ring Gen 1, comes with unique features and design. The Smart Ring comes with a premium ceramic and metal design, which gives it a more premium feel.

Talking about the features, the smart ring gains attention with Smart Touch Control features, where you get to control music and snap pictures just with your ring.

The smart ring also has a dedicated six-axis Motion sensor, which helps easily track health details. The ring also comes with a ceramic build, which offers the best durability out of the box.

You also get 5 ATM water resistance, which helps prevent water damage. Speaking of health features, you get features like heart rate and blood oxygen tracking.

Also, the new Boat Smart Ring helps keep an eye on your body recovery, temperature & sleep patterns for a holistic view of your health. You can also buy the new Boat Smart Ring from the official Amazon website. If you are looking for a budget-friendly buy, then yes, this new boat smart ring is among the “Best Smart Ring for the budget friendly pricing.

Price: Rs. 8999

#5 Samsung Galaxy Smart Ring

Samsung Galaxy Smart Ring
Samsung Galaxy Smart Ring – Best Smart Ring launching soon? Image Credits: Forbes

Next on the list is the new Korean-based Samsung Galaxy Smart Ring, which was recently launched and has already caught the attention of many fans around the world!

Samsung has always been one of the best technology giants in the world and when it comes to health technology, Samsung is now leading the way with its all new best smart ring called the Samsung Galaxy Smart Ring.

From smartphones to tablets and even computers, Samsung’s Galaxy range of products is already leading the way, and now with health trackers alongside the smartwatch, Samsung has moved on to its new Smart Rings.

The Samsung Smart Ring is one of the latest launches to make its way to the market via the recent Unpacked event, where we also got to see the flagship Galaxy S24 smartphone.

Talking about the new Samsung Galaxy Smart Ring, sadly, right now, the Galaxy Ring has not yet officially made its way to launch and start selling officially, but yes, on the safer side, we can say that Galaxy Smart Ring is going to be a steal deal as it makes it way to launch. 

We will update you with more details soon, and yes, this new launch will be a call to take over Oura’s premium range of Best Smart Ring. The launch is expected to take place soon in 2024.

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Smart health technology is growing every day! Many smart tech manufacturers will be coming up with more new smart rings in the coming future. If you are looking for an upgrade from any budget, the above Best Smart Ring is one of the best choices.

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