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Apple open free repair program for iPhone 6s

If you are having iPhone 6s and 6s Plus devices that are not powering on - apple is offering free repair at no cost.  Forgot About iPhone 6s? The iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus (stylized and marketed as iPhone 6s  are smartphones that...
Replace Apple Airpods

How to replace Apple Airpods?

Apple Airpods are one of the finest truly wireless earphones in the market, but with great gadgets comes the great reponsibilities. Apple Airpods are tiny and they can be misplaced very easily or you might...
MacBook Keyword shortcuts

60+ best Complete List of MacBook Keyword shortcuts

If you want to increase the productivity in office work then you should know keyword shortcuts as this will save your lot of times. We have listed all the MacBook keyword shortcuts that enhance...
iPhone Calculator Design for Android

How to Build iPhone Calculator Design for Android

Android already has its own calculator. But truth be told the calculator present in all iPhones and other iOS devices are far more superior in terms of design and UI experience. In this post, we...
put any song as ringtone on any iPhone

How to put any song as ringtone on any iPhone?

We all know that iOS is very restricted and Apple provides with very less control over their operating system. Currently, by default, you can only set your ringtone from the choices given to you...
airpods-vs-powerbeats-credits nexter

Powerbeats Pro vs AirPods 2: Which one is better?

Last week Powerbeats Pro was released by the Beats company, now acquired by Apple.So technically its an Apple's company right now.But today in this post we are going to look at the two wireless...
pixel 3a vs iphone xr

Pixel 3a vs iPhone XR: The Best Official Guide

Its showdown between the budget phones from Google and Apple
Clear "Other Files" on iOS device

How to remove ‘Other’ files from iPhone and iPad

All the iPhone users are familiar with "Other" files stored in their iPhones and iPads. Truth be told this category of file takes most of the storage of your device. What is "Other" files ? "Other"...