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How to get Perseverance Title in PUBG mobile cheaply?

PUBG mobile developers recently released a new title for all the players to achieve and this title is called Perseverance. In this post we would teach how to get Perseverance title in PUBG Mobile.

Perseverance Title
Unlock Perseverance Title in PUBG mobile

How to get Perseverance title in PUBG mobile?

According to PUBG mobile to get this title you need to purchase purchase Royal Pass and reach 100 RP level for four times!

Difficulty Level : HIGH

How much money it will cost to get Perseverance title in PUBG mobile?

As you require Royal Pass for four seasons you have to minimum purchase 1 season royal pass only.

How to get the title by paying for only one Royal Pass season?

  1. When you first purchase the Royal Pass you would get some UC. and while you would complete missions over the time during the course of Season you would be able to get 600+ UC if reach 80+ level.
  2. Currently, Royal pass costs you 600 UC so thus you would have enough UC to buy the royal pass for next season for free.
  3. When you reach RP 100, your progress can be seen in achievements section.
  4. Now when the new season starts, Buy the new Royal Pass from the 600 UC u earned for free in the last season.
  5. Repeat the step 1, 3 times more to unlock this achievement.

Tips on how to reach RP 100 level easily?

Okay, so this is quiet difficult as i know many people who purchased the Royal Pass and were not able to reach the 100 RP and thus were not able to utilize their money fully. But now PUBG mobile developers have slightly decreased the difficulty in getting RP points.

  • Play with other players who have also purchased the Royal Pass.You get more points and there are missions specific with them.
  • To complete missions including kills and sniping, Sanhok is preferred as map is small and you can spot people easily there. If on the other hand you play erangle or Miramar, the map is far big and you would spend most of the time spending in searching enemies for increasing your kill count.
  • Dont forget to get the daily RP rewards.


Not able to get this Title? No problem!

We have guides on getting other Titles too in PUBG Mobile

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Final words

Yes, Perseverance PUBG mobile title is difficult to get or impossible if you do not want to spend money on PUBG mobile. But this title is one hell lot of a rare one and only a few people in the game have this title currently.If you have this title for sure people would be surprised and might be asking you while squad chats that how you got it.




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