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How to get #1/100 title in PUBG Mobile in 15 minutes?

PUBG Mobile is adding more and more features day by day and in the anniversary month PUBG added this limited time achievement which all players can get.

Tips for #1/100 title in PUBG Mobile
Tips for #1/100 title in PUBG Mobile

What is #1/100 title in pubg mobile?

Its the anniversary of the game, and PUBG wants it more memorable by pushing out this secret non- well known achievement.

How is this title achieved?

You have to light up total of 6 Cakes.

How and where to find these cakes?

  • As these cakes can be anywhere on the game. In order to get them fast play Erangle map only as the chances are quite high there in finding these cakes.
  • Now the trick is that you have to find barns in Erangle. Barns look like these.

    Barns in PUBG
    Barns in PUBG
  • You would find these cakes near these barns.
  • You get close to the crate and a little flag saying celebrate will show and you click on it.

List of Barns (Area wise)(Source :reddit)

  • 3 in pochinki .
  • 3 south of Miliatry base .
  • 2 Ferry Pier.
  • 2 Below Farm.
  • 1 Church in pochinki.
  • 1 Church in Yasanya.
  • 1 Church in Ruins.

We hope that you get this limited time achievement so that you can boast in front of your friends

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