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How to get Sharpshooter title in PUBG mobile in 10 hours

In this post, we are going to talk about how to get the “Sharpshooter” title in PUBG Mobile easily.

About the Title

To get the title of “Sharpshooter”, you need to kill 3 enemies with headshots or you can say single bullet kills using a sniper rifle in Solo mode.

Additional Requirement:- You have to be at Platinum or above tier in order to get this title.

Also, the 3 bullets should be consecutive. Thus you can’t miss a shot. (IMPORTANT).

How to Get SharpShooter Title?

1. First, choose any other server(not Asia).

2. Reach Platinum Tier. (it would take 10 hours approx.. it can be less if you are pretty much good in the game)

3. Select Miramar Map due to the fact that you can get a sniper in most of the places.

4. Land at the end of the plane route. You would be ejected automatically. Since there are always people who leave the game, thus they would be standing still.

5. Once you find them, get a sniper and 4x scope

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6. Kill those offline players with precision( you should be 50m minimum away from them).

7. After killing those if still, 1 or 2 people are to be killed then attract bots using a vehicle and Repeat step 6.

8. Remember kills should be consecutive.

Thus after this, you would achieve the sharpshooter Title. Hope you liked this article. Do share it with your PUBG Mobile friends.

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