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How to Add R8 in Android Studio

Android R8 is available in Android Studio 3.4. shrinking helps to decrease the size of your APK by removing the unused code as well as resources which are of no use.

While comparing the Proguard and R8 in code shrinking, R8 shrinks the code faster than Proguard.

You can set R8 in our project’s gradle.properties file:


Full mode is not directly compatible with Proguard, So you have to remove the Proguard.

When comparing the R8 and Proguard, R8 works better and the size also reduced little. Old Size we were using R8 and New Size we were using Proguard.

Compare R8 and Proguard

Where to add Android R8 In AndroidStudio

  • Go to the gradle Script
  • Then Tap on project’s gradle.properties
  • Add the script in the file
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