New Ocean Odyssey version Coming 7/11 on PUBG Mobile

Just few days back PUBG Mobile announced that the new version of PUBG would be of New Ocean Odyssey.

image 5
PUBG Mobile: New Ocean Odyssey

Players of PUBG Mobile would be able to explore ancient statues of ocean kingdoms that are about to merge and the secrets of the deep sea!

This was officially announced on PUBG Mobile Facebook Page along with video!

What’s new in PUBG Mobile New Ocean Odyssey Version?

  1. New area: Ocean Palace
  2. New area: Foresaken Ruins

The 33 second trailer gave a lots of info. Seems like the players would be able to go underwater and able to access two new areas.

Players would also be able to open chests that are in the form of clamps!

Would this New Ocean Odyssey update be free?

Yes , It would be free for all from 7/11

Are you excited for this new event? What is your favorite part/ area that you look forward playing in? Do let us know in the comments section!