[UPDATED] 9 Best Android Launcher Apps of 2019

Android launcher is best to customize the overall experience of Android for a user in terms of look and act. In apps store, there are a lot of android launchers you can install on your device some are free and some are having in-app purchases.

Here are 9 Best Android Launcher Apps You can Use:

1. Action Launcher

When it comes to stock android look these apps come first. This has got a ton of extra features that you are going to love. The quick theme lets you set to customize the color of UI. There are icon packs, which get updated regularly.

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2. Apex Launcher

Apex launcher gives a feel of the Android stock phone, but it has a lot of extra features. It is in the top 10 performance in the Android launcher in 2017 and still, it is one of the best launchers. You can customize a lot of things. It also includes theme engines and developers are removing the bugs regularly making it fast.

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3. ADW Launcher 2

ADW launcher 2 has a lot of addon and shortcut of many applications, extension and tons of other feature which make this launcher in best 5. It has make-your-own-widget features that are unique in this launcher. It is free and there is an in-app purchase.

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4. Pixel Launcher

Pixel launcher is one of the best launchers as it is fast and has the simplest design. But this launcher is not supported by all devices. You can make your own personalized card for better feed and much more.

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5. EverythingMe Launcher

This launcher shut down in 2015 and in 2017 they came back. This launcher is simple, it automatically categories folder. You can customize the gesture in this fastest search option. You can use this launcher free. This Launcher is removed from the Playstore.

6. Smart Launcher 5

Smart Launcher is one good option, it automatically sorts your app into categories and helps you to perform your task faster than before. Smart Launcher automatically changes the background color according to the wallpaper and you can Protect your apps as you can hide them and keep it safe.

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7. Evie Launcher

This launcher was awarded Best Android Launchers of 2017. Its key features are Universal Search, Quick Navigation, Custom Shortcuts, Personalization.

You can try this launcher and let us know how was your experience.

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8. Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher provides you great features and design experience. You can view photos or documents on your PC and mobile seamlessly. It is highly customizable so that you can organize everything you want.

My experience with this launcher was awesome as I found lot of useful features which was missing from ANDROID. Gesture Customization should be there in android as it helps in lot of things.

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9. Lawnchair Launcher

If you want pixel feature then this can be the best launcher. It is an open-source project and if you want to contribute then you can also add new features to this launcher.

Some of the Key Features:
• Google Now integration
• Android Oreo shortcuts and notification dots
• Icon Pack support now
• You can custom Grid Size
• Adaptive Icons

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Which android launcher you use and why? Let us know through a comment!

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[UPDATED] 9 Best Android Launcher Apps of 2019

Android launcher is best to customize the overall experience of Android for a user in terms of look and act. In apps store, there are...

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  1. Hi Aditya,
    Thanks for this concise list.
    I feel that it could be a vast coverage.
    Anyways, have you used Smart launcher & NOVA?

    Will be looking forward to hearing from you

  2. Hi lokesh! Yep indeed i think we can do a proper coverage on this.
    And yes used Smart Launcher and NOVA launcher. But my favourite one being NOVA due to its lots of offering in customization area


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