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9 Best Cricket Games for Android In 2024

One of the best cricket games, cricket is played around the world and has a huge following. There are many forms of international cricket tournaments such as the Big Bash, the World Cricket Championships, Indian Premier League or the Cricket World Cup. But that doesn’t stop developers from creating exciting and addictive cricket Android games for fans all over the world.

In this article, we will explore the 9 best mobile cricket games for Android. So, without further delay, let’s dive into the world of virtual cricket and find the perfect game for the real cricket lover in you!

1. World Cricket Championship 2

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World Cricket Championship 2 (WCC2) is a fantastic cricket game and undoubtedly one of the best cricket games for Android.

The game features realistic gameplay, stunning graphics and a wide range of game modes. WCC2 offers a complete cricket gaming experience, making it the best mobile cricket game. The game features 150 different batting animations and 28 different bowling actions, making every match feel unique.

There is also ball physics, which adds an extra layer of depth to the gameplay. However, the game can suffer from occasional glitches and the in-app purchases can be quite expensive.

2. Real Cricket™ 20

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Real Cricket 20 offers an authentic cricket experience, complete with in-depth player customisation and a real-time multiplayer mode.

The game also includes female cricketers, making it more inclusive than many of the best cricket games for Android.The auction mode allows you to build your dream cricket team by simply bidding on players.

However, the game’s controls can take some time to master and a stable internet connection is required to fully enjoy the multiplayer mode.

3. Sachin Saga Cricket Champions

Sachin Saga Cricket Champions offers a unique opportunity to step into the shoes of cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar.

Build your ultimate fantasy team to compete in global tournaments or test your skills against other players in intense PvP matches.

The gameplay is engaging, with a wide range of images available to the player. However, the limited multiplayer options and steep learning curve may put some players off.

4. Stick Cricket Super League

Stick Cricket Super League offers a more casual and accessible mobile cricket gaming experience with easy to pick up gameplay and cartoon-style graphics.

You can create and customise your own unique player, then select one of 70 teams from around the world and compete to become the champion.

You can take on full captaincy duties, from deciding the batting order to setting your bowling line-up.

With career tracking, in-app purchases and the ability to fast-forward through innings, Stick Cricket Super League offers cricket fans an exciting and customisable way to take to the field.

5. Smash Cricket

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This free mobile game offers exciting T20 matches against friends in online battles or a relaxing offline mode with challenging AI opponents.

The game features six unique game modes for plenty of variety, plus you can build your dream team from over 40 real cricket stars and customise your experience.

Offline mode is a welcome addition to the best cricket games, allowing you to play without an internet connection.

6. Epic Cricket – Real 3D Game

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If you are looking for a 3D mobile cricket experience then this game is for you. With stunningly realistic graphics, lifelike player faces and authentic details, this game brings the excitement of the field to your fingertips.

You can choose from world-class tournaments, T20 World Cup, ODI Cricket World Cup and World Test Championships.

It features more than 250 fluid animations, commentary in English and Hindi, and realistic gameplay mechanics.

Key Highlights:

  • Stunning visuals: Immerse yourself in hyper-realistic graphics and player likenesses.
  • Global Tournaments: Compete in iconic championships from around the world.
  • Multiplayer Action: Take on opponents or team up with friends.
  • Authentic gameplay: Master batting and bowling techniques with special shots and deliveries.
  • Customised teams: Build your dream team with stars from 20 international squads.
  • Epic Cash League: Compete in free tournaments for real rewards!

7. T20 Cricket Champions 3D

It is a fantastic choice for all cricket fans and lovers of cricket based games who are looking for a realistic and immersive T20 cricket league gaming experience on their Android phone. Strategise your bowling and use clever changes of spin, speed and direction to outwit your opponents.

Get ready for electrifying gameplay:

  • Live Events: Experience the thrill of real-time cricket matches synchronised with live T20 matches!
  • World-renowned teams: Play as your favourite nation and dominate the field in intense matches.
  • Intuitive controls: Master batting and bowling with easy-to-learn, dynamic controls.
  • Strategic Play: Time your shots, judge the direction of the ball, and outsmart your opponents with a variety of bowling techniques.
  • Incredible power-ups: Gain the upper hand with supercharged bats and lightning-fast deliveries.

8. Cricket Gangsta™ Cricket Games

Relive the thrill of street cricket with Cricket Gangsta™. Get ready for fast-paced, action-packed multiplayer matches in great locations – from parks to beaches.

Why you’ll love Cricket Gangsta™:

  • Play against friends or random opponents in fast, intense matches
  • Simple batting and bowling controls for instant fun
  • Impress with unorthodox shots and tricky deliveriesSmash windows, hit towering sixes and dodge grumpy neighbours
  • Unlock cool avatars and upgrades to become the ultimate cricket gangstaClimb the leaderboards for weekly prizes

9. Real Cricket™ GO

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9 Best Cricket Games for Android In 2024 10

Real Cricket™ GO is at the top of our list of cricket games. It offers a complete gaming experience while maintaining a small file size, making it perfect for users with limited storage space.

Key Features:

  1. Lightweight and optimised:Real Cricket™ GO is designed to deliver a full cricket experience with a small file size, making it ideal for devices with limited storage space.
  2. Authentic cricket gameplay: The game features realistic graphics and gameplay mechanics that immerse players in the world of international cricket.
  3. International tournaments: It’s offers various international tournaments, giving players the chance to participate and compete in some of the biggest cricket events.
  4. Simple controls: The game features easy-to-use controls that allow players of all skill levels to enjoy the game with ease.
  5. Customisation: Players can customise their teams and players to tailor their experience to their preferences.

What are the system requirements for cricket games on Android?

System requirements for cricket game download apk on Android can vary depending on the specific game. Generally, most cricket game apk require Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or higher and at least 1 GB of RAM. However, high-end cricket apk downloads may require more powerful hardware and larger storage space.

Do cricket games require an internet connection to play?

While some mobile games, especially cricket games, can be played offline, others may require an internet connection for multiplayer modes, leaderboards, or in-app purchases. Check the mobile cricket game’s description and features to know if an internet connection is required.

Can I play cricket games on Android with a controller?

Some cricket games on Android support external controllers, such as Bluetooth gamepads. You can check for controller compatibility in the game’s description or settings menu.

How do I download and install cricket games on Android?

To download and install cricket game download on Android, visit the Google Play Store and search for your desired cricket games download or ipl game download. Tap on the game’s icon, then tap the “Install” button. The game will automatically download and install on your device.

Do cricket games on Android phones have in-app purchases?

Some cricket games on Android include in-app purchases that allow you to buy additional features, in-game currency, or cosmetic items. These purchases are typically optional and not required to enjoy the game.

What are the system requirements for these games?

Most of these 1GB cricket games require Android version 4.1 or above to function properly.

The Number One Cricket Game in the World

It’s a race to the top to be the number one cricket game in the world. The title goes to the ICC Cricket Mobile. This game is a great way to enjoy the sport, offering an immersive experience like no other. Alongside the thrill of competition, it provides a link system requirements genre rating that tailors the game to your device’s capabilities, ensuring a seamless gaming experience. So, download cricket games for Android and enjoy the world of cricket.

How to Download these 1GB Cricket Games for Android

Downloading these games is a straightforward process:

  1. Open the Google Play Store on your Android device.
  2. Type the game’s name in the search bar.
  3. Click on the game from the search results.
  4. Click on ‘Install’ to download and install the game.


In a world where cricket is not just a game but a religion for many people, these were the best cricket games for Android in 2024. They really took the experience to the next level! We have added all the top 9 cricket games for Android, so you get the best cricket game in the world experience.

Enjoy the world’s best cricket game with our curated list of the best mobile cricket games for Android and iOS.

Also, many cricket games for Android have a file size of over 1GB, so they’re quite large. But don’t worry! Many games are there on iOS devices, so you can enjoy these games on your devices.

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